Steps to Easily Stamp out Carpet Stains

Cleaning stains from carpet requires you to use the proper techniques and tools, as improper methods can eventually worsen the situation. Stubborn stains are your carpet’s worst enemy. Regardless of the type of sudden spill or pet accident, stains tend to make the carpet look old and dirty.

An ideal way of preventing a carpet stain from taking a permanent spot in your home is to get rid of it as soon as it appears. Ignoring stains can actually make the stains worse. So, consider using the following tips, recommended by Steampro Carpet Cleaning Services in Plainview, to remove carpet stains.

• Clean the mess

Deal with the stain as soon as it hits your carpet. Quickly grab a paper towel or rag and blot as much of the spill as possible. To obtain the best result, press down firmly or stand on the spill with your body weight to soak it up. Never rub the stain or else it may spread all over the area or penetrate deeper in the carpet fiber.

• Determine what you are dealing with

Once you are done with blotting the maximum amount of the spill, pause and figure out what kind of spill you are dealing with. Most of the carpet stains are water based, like soft drinks, liquor, food spills, etc. Next on the list are comparatively more stubborn stains, such as wine, coffee, or chocolate. Other stains may include oil-based stains, such as olive oil, candle wax, or pet urine.

• Look for the right carpet cleaner

Different cleaners are recommended for different stains. Here is what should be done depending on the type of stain.
If you are dealing with a basic water based stain, use a solution of detergent and cold water. Never use hot or lukewarm water during carpet stain cleaning, as you will set in the stain. If there is a more difficult water based stain, mix ammonia with water for cleaning purposes. For red wine stains, use salt to pull the color out of the carpet. For oil based stains, use a low heat iron and a white towel. The heat will help pull the stain from the carpet to the towel. If you are tackling a pet urine stain, make a solution of one part vinegar and one part water and let it dry for some time. Then use the detergent and water method mentioned above.
Before opting for any of the above-mentioned techniques, test the solution on an inconspicuous place on the carpet to make sure it doesn’t discolor the carpet.

• Blot stain completely

Always blot the spot thoroughly before using any cleaning mixture. Applying direct pressure on the stain will definitely help pull the stain out of the carpet, whereas rubbing it back and forth consistently will force it down into the underlay. Plus, make sure you work from the outside of the stain to inside while dealing with the spot so that it doesn’t spread.

• Reassess the stain

Once you notice the stain is completely cleaned, let it dry. Check on it the next day and see if it has reappeared or not. If it has, make sure it is completely dried and repeat the above-mentioned steps according to the type of stain it is.

In some cases, you might not be able to remove the stain completely, so you may want to consider a professional cleaning from a reliable carpet stain removal company. Opt for Carpet Cleaning Services in Plainview, as they are capable of removing even the most stubborn stains.

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