Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Am I required to vacuum before the team arrives for cleaning?

    A mild vacuuming in theareas with heavy foot traffic is advised,but it’s not absolutely necessary.  Ifyou will require, the team can pre-vacuum the area they will be cleaning.  Also, while cleaning the equipment will be vacuuming the entire time.

  2. How long does it take for your team to clean carpets?

    It typically takes about 20 minutes to clean a room. However, the duration could vary depending on the number of furniture to be moved, the condition of the carpet and any spot removal treatment that might be needed.

  3. After getting my carpet cleaned, the spots have re-emerged. What should I do?

    Although it seems to be a rare case as most spots never reappear after a thorough cleaning session,there may be some substances in the carpet backing that tend to taper to the surface after cleaning. If this happens, please contact SteamPro Carpet Cleaning Company at 1-877-85-STEAM as early as possible.

  4. Do you guarantee removal of all spots or stains in the carpet?

    While we put our best efforts at pulling out the dirt and stains from your unclean carpet, there is no guarantee that all spots or stains will be removed entirely. There are substances that can permanently discolorand ruin the carpet fibers. However, this condition also depends on the type of carpet fibers and the age of the carpet. Although ourteam tries to determine this condition prior to cleaning, they may not always be able to do sobefore attempting to remove the spots.

  5. How frequently do manufacturers recommend professional cleaning?

    Manufacturers recommend that the upholstered furniture be cleaned professionally every 12-24 months. While this is the suggested timeframe, the right time for cleaning may vary depending on theusage of the furniture and its wear and tear.


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We Use Green Balance Carpet Cleaning Products

Green Balance products are Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions. They biodegrade quickly, use renewable surfactants, and have no solvents at all. Besides being non-toxic, they also have no carcinogens, and are perfect for homes that have chemical sensitivities due to the lack of any added dyes or

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