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Four Helpful Tips to Clean the Grout between Tiles

For appealing house decor, tiling the floor and wall surfaces can really perk up the ambiance. Tiles gives a neat, glossy, or slick textured feel to your floor and walls, making your home look brighter ... Read More

Easy Tips for Water Damage Restoration after a Flood

Owning a house near a beach or a flood-prone area might cause a lot of trouble at times. In the case of a flood, not only are all your valuables at risk of damage, but your safety is compromised as wel ... Read More

Dirty, Stained Carpets? Here’s how an Expert Carpet Cleaning Service in Long Island can Help

A luxurious, warm carpet in your home gives comfort and solace. It adds beauty and pleasure. However, everyday walking, jumping, especially when you have kids at home, can take its toll on your carpets ... Read More

Tips to Cleaning Leather Upholstery to Preserve its Shine

Sharp and durable, leather makes a perfect choice for furniture, clothes, and accessories. Leather upholstery adds a touch of style and elegance to your home décor. It will refine your home interior, ... Read More

Top 4 Benefits of Hiring a Long Island Air Duct Cleaning Service Provider

The air ducts installed in your home play an important role in providing fresh air using your heating and cooling system; they move air throughout your house. However, there is a possibility when air c ... Read More

Green balance carpet cleaning products Long Island

We Use Green Balance Carpet Cleaning Products

Green Balance products are Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions. They biodegrade quickly, use renewable surfactants, and have no solvents at all. Besides being non-toxic, they also have no carcinogens, and are perfect for homes that have chemical sensitivities due to the lack of any added dyes or

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