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Choosing the Right Air Duct Cleaning Professionals

Have you been feeling allergic lately? It might mean that your air duct requires a thorough cleaning! If you’re located in Suffolk, you can choose professional help for air duct cleaning in Suffolk. ... Read More

Tips on Cleaning and Taking Care of Leather Furniture

To add to the luxury of a home or specific living area, some prefer to invest in leather furniture. While on one hand such furnishings adds a posh texture, on the other hand, they also requires a lot o ... Read More

Tips to Begin Flood Cleanup as Soon as Possible

After a flood, it is always advised to start cleaning up as soon as possible. When the water sets in places, it can cause a lot of damage which can be excessive in areas where there are carpets, wooden ... Read More

Super Easy Tips to Keep Your Carpet Fresh and Beautiful

Your carpet might be one of the things that you love the most in your house. From adding a different texture to your living area or room to complementing your interiors, a carpet can add a lot to your ... Read More

Two Natural Ways to Clean and Disinfect Your Hardwood Floor for a Healthy Life

Seeing is believing! This old adage comes to mind when people see a hardwood floor in your home or office. They think you are wealthy having a very high social and financial status.But this percept ... Read More

Green balance carpet cleaning products Long Island

We Use Green Balance Carpet Cleaning Products

Green Balance products are Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions. They biodegrade quickly, use renewable surfactants, and have no solvents at all. Besides being non-toxic, they also have no carcinogens, and are perfect for homes that have chemical sensitivities due to the lack of any added dyes or

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