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Signs Indicating Your Office Needs a Thorough Air Duct Clean Up

For commercial offices and buildings, one of the most important factors to consider is the cleanliness and maintenance of the space. If you’re the owner of an office or commercial space, it is your r ... Read More

Tips to Naturally Clean the Grout and Tiles in Your Kitchen

Water usage cannot be avoided in the kitchen. And where there is water, sludge and grime are bound to occur. This happens especially in the case of the tiles and grout around the kitchen sink.Do yo ... Read More

3 Super Easy Cleaning Hacks to Get Rid of Pet Odor

If you’re a pet lover with a bunch of puppies or cats in your house, or just one of them, you must be familiar with one big problem – pet odor! Yes, this is one of the most common problems that pet ... Read More

Know How Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Can Benefit You

Professional carpet cleaning is the necessity of every homeowner. By not scheduling regular Suffolk carpet cleaning services, you are inviting germs and health issues to your property. Your rug will so ... Read More

How Professionals can Prevent Mold Growth after Water Damage

Homeowners who see water seeping into their homes, either because of flooding or a broken pipe, may have to face severe loss when their property is damage. They must take active steps to stop mold grow ... Read More

Green balance carpet cleaning products Long Island

We Use Green Balance Carpet Cleaning Products

Green Balance products are Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions. They biodegrade quickly, use renewable surfactants, and have no solvents at all. Besides being non-toxic, they also have no carcinogens, and are perfect for homes that have chemical sensitivities due to the lack of any added dyes or

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